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I Spy With Lola: Fun Word Game

Educativi Giochi per la mente
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I Spy with Lola is a Word Puzzle game where the player's task is to find objects on the screen, based on hints that vary between the levels. This game also lets the player get familiar with the World Map and some details of local cultures around the World.Join Lola Panda as she travels around the world in her first I Spy adventure app! Visit Lola’s friends in different countries to help her find hundreds of hidden objects along the way. The game starts from the Easy level - and other levels and more locations unlock when you keep playing.
★★★★★ Editor’s Choice Award 2013 - Children's Technology Review★★★★★ Best Apps award finalist 2013 - Best App Ever Awards
I Spy With Lola is a multi-level game that will provide an educational challenge for kids of all ages! Start the game at the easy level where young children can practice object identification and word association. As they advance, challenge them to find objects associated with letters helping to unlock new locations.
Start your journey in Hawaii, collecting souvenirs and coins from each completed task and use those to unlock additional exotic locations. Find a fan in Japan, or a lantern in Yellowstone. Maybe even a lizard in Egypt! Each locale is beautifully animated with ample visual and spoken instruction and a unique catchy soundtrack.
WHAT DO THE PROFESSIONALS SAY ABOUT THE GAME? ★ Famigo - "What a great app! The interface and narration are engaging and easy to use. The feedback during the game and after completing each location is very satisfying and entertaining." ★ Apps4Kids – "5/5 stars. The different scenarios provided us with lots of opportunities for conversation and vocabulary-building. “★ The iPhone Mom - "I highly recommend this app to parents of younger children and will definitely be playing this app with my son!" ★ Top Best Apps for Kids – “Gorgeous graphics and suitable audio music for each country. New & free places have been announced. No In-app purchases! Fantastic. Kids can learn while exploring the world and it’s objects."
KEY FEATURES✓ Find dozens of hidden objects from around the world✓ High-quality graphics and animation✓ Spoken and easy to understand instructions✓ No in-app purchases - Unlock new locations as achievements are met!✓ Available in six languages
Get the full version of I Spy and begin solving more challenging tasks. The full version includes medium and hard levels for older children. It also has more places to travel, letters to learn and riddles to solve.
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